Safari Wagons during Winter Season

Safari Wagons during Winter Season

Months: November, December, January, February, March

During the months of winter, the Common Cranes are the undisputed champions of Hula Valley. More than 40,000 cranes winter at Agamon Hula Lake and its environs and their presence is felt at all hours of the day. Near and during the month of December, food is distributed to the cranes (so as to avoid agricultural damages), while our safari wagons are the only vehicles permitted to enter this sealed territory. Visitors on the safari wagons are privileged to hear and observe these thousands of cranes at a touching distance, forming for us an excellent opportunity to relay to you their wondrous ways of life.

We accompany the cranes from dusk till dawn – leaving the waters and flying to the fields and feeding grounds, their stay at these locales throughout the day and return for night roosting in the safety of the waters – with the surrounding breathtaking scenery of the snowy Hermon Mt., Golan Heights and green Galilee hills.

The cranes commence their migration northwards in early March, a little before Spring Equinox and just when the White Storks are returning from wintering in Africa – if you are lucky you will be fortunate to observe both cranes and storks flocking the fields.

Not only cranes winter at Agamon Hula Lake. We also observe Jungle Cats and Golden Jackals enjoying the abundant potential food, raptures feeding on carcasses of cranes too weak to migrate, numerous species of ducks, Wader birds, Ibises and Spoonbills, gulls and more. A delightful celebration!!!

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