Safari Wagons during Spring Season

Safari Wagons during Spring Season

Months: April, May, June

It is spring time and the valley teams with life, the reeds (Common Cane) that dried up during winter now grow at accelerated rate, filling the water scenery with fresh greenery. The cranes’ feeding grounds trampled by their feet during winter now too quickly assume a green cover.

This is a time of migration and surprises, where each day and tour differs from the other – you may observe the last of the cranes taking their time before leaving the valley, thousands of pelicans may land at Agamon Hula Lake for a night’s rest before resuming their journey northwards the next day, a flock of flamingos may stay for a while at the lake, and flocks of Swallows, Martins and Swifts may crowd the evening skies before sunset.

Aligned with the migration, this is also the season of creating new life. We will observe various types of courtship displays, and as spring advances we will see beautiful sights such as Bee-eaters digging their nests in the soft peat soil, vociferous Spur-winged Lapwings protecting their chicks, a mother duck surrounded by her ducklings, and more.

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