Safari Wagons during Autumn Season

Safari Wagons during Autumn Season

Months: September, October

As summer moves on, the non-irrigated areas are thirsty for water and anticipate the first rain. In the evening and sometimes during day time one senses autumn in the air and the approaching of winter. This is migration time! Unlike spring time, the migrating birds are less in a hurry to leave for their wintering grounds, allowing us to observe them for a longer period of time. Flocks of pelicans numbering thousands of individuals may land at Agamon Hula Lake near sunset, Wagtails suddenly crowd the fields, and the waters fill with life – Mallards, Stilts, Ibises, Spoonbills and other migrates rest at the lake, or had returned here to their wintering grounds.

Near the end of September the first cranes arrive, enjoying residues of peanuts and other field crops, and their number rapidly increases reaching approximately 30,000 by the end of October.

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