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The Safari Wagons at Agamon Hula Lake

Galili Tourism & Nature Ltd. is a family company established in 2002 by Eli and Tali Galili from Kibbutz Ayelet Hashachar. The company was the first to dream, envision, create and operate Safari Wagons, a unique touristic attraction that operates at Agamon Hula Lake, enabling visitors to be in the heart of crane flocks wintering at Hula Valley.

The cranes, birds and most of the wild animals are used to the motion of the tractor (processing the field and bringing up to the surface all types of food) thus the visitors on the safari wagons gain a unique opportunity for close observations unmatched anywhere else in the world! This is why we are the sole body permitted entrance into the enclosed areas at Agamon Hula Lake. These areas constitute the cranes’ feeding grounds and throughout the year are less disturbed, affording up close and unique observations.

Our tours are conducted by experienced guides who relay the history of Hula Lake and successfully mediate the encounter between the visitors and the surrounding nature and birds with which the visitor may be unfamiliar with.

The Safari Wagons are suitable for all populations, from small children to the elderly, as well as persons with special needs. The attraction is highly suitable for organized tours of different sectors, and of course an extremely demanded niche for amateur naturalists, birders and photographers.

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