Safari Wagons during Summer Season

Safari Wagons during Summer Season

Months: July, August

It is summer, it is hot and the children are on summer vacation. We invite you to join us for an afternoon / evening entertainment. Agamon Hula Lake scenery is particularly charming at this season, where the local evergreen stands in striking contrast to the yellowing Golan Heights. As evening falls, the cool breeze relieves the heat of the long summer day.

This is a wonderful time to focus on the resident birds: the Spur-winged Lapwings and their territorial behavior, Cattle Egrets giving spectacular summer performances, and observe birds that stay here only during the summer such as the European Bee-eater (one of the most beautiful and colorful birds in Israel) astounding us with skillful aerial maneuvers, and Purple Herons.

During the month of August, we can sense the coming of autumn in the air and observe early migrates.

Our Twilight and Night Tours offer an enjoyable peek into the nocturnal life at Agamon Hula Lake, of star-filled skies and of being in nature surrounded by total darkness – a rare commodity in our modern times.

We accompany the cranes from dusk till dawn – leaving the waters and flying to the fields and feeding grounds, their stay at these locales throughout the day and return for night roosting in the safety of the waters – with the surrounding breathtaking scenery of the snowy Hermon Mt., Golan Heights and green Galilee hills.

The cranes commence their migration northwards in early March, a little before Spring Equinox and just when the White Storks are returning from wintering in Africa – if you are lucky you will be fortunate to observe both cranes and storks flocking the fields.

Not only cranes winter at Agamon Hula Lake. We also observe Jungle Cats and Golden Jackals enjoying the abundant potential food, raptures feeding on carcasses of cranes too weak to migrate, numerous species of ducks, Wader birds, Ibises and Spoonbills, gulls and more. A delightful celebration!!!

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