Photographer Tour

Photographer Tour

Months: November-March

The early hours of morning constitute some of the best hours for photography. The light is soft, the birds are extremely active and the sights are well photographed.

This two-hour tour is wholly dedicated to amateur naturalists and photographers, where emphasis is placed on positioning the safari wagon at the most beautiful locales for photography while considering the direction of sun and light. The long pauses at each spot afford present visitors stillness and focus, becoming one with nature and allowing natural occurrences to unfold, undisturbed.

These tours take place during the months of winter, when tens of thousands of cranes winter at Hula Valley and roost in the Agamon Hula Lake itself. At sunrise, the cranes take off from the water and fly over to the fields or feeding grounds right before your eyes and camera lenses. These sights are commonly accompanied by soft mists or heavy fog as the Hula Valley awakens to life.

At the end of the tour, our guests are welcome to warm themselves with hot beverage and cookies.

  • Duration of tour: Approximately two hours. Available in the months of November-March, by reservation in advance only.
  • Please be equipped with very warm clothes (including wool hat and mittens), and photography equipment.

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