Sunset Tour

Sunset Tour

Months: all year round

An hour before night falls, we enter the field on one of our most popular tours. At this time of day, the weather is pleasant (even in summer) and the sun sets on the horizon, painting the water and skies with a range of colors, creating a perfect setting for what is about to unfold. Minutes before sunset, the area is teaming with life: birds are busy eating their last meal or in transition for roosting, numerous raptures seek a last prey for the evening, the predators leap into action, and we may sight herds of wild boars which are permanent residents of Agamon Hula Lake.

During autumn and winter months, tens of thousands of cranes present in the fields and feeding ground transition to roost for the night in the waters, filling the valley with harmonious sounds and endless v-shaped flight lines. Seated inside our safari wagon in the midst of it all, we carefully approach the roosting areas and are presented with the most wonderfully unique and exciting experience like no other in the world!

  • Duration of tour: one to one hour and a quarter. Available all year round (following Passover Holiday to Sukkot Holiday, by reservation in advance only).
  • Binoculars, camera and Mosquit repellent recommended, warm clothes during winter months.

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