Sunrise Tour

Sunrise Tour

Months: All year round

The early hours of morning are some of the most active hours for birds. Early rising for birds is common, and for those of you who choose to join them there awaits an unforgettable experience – sights of birds as they commence their day under morning mist and dew, where the first soft rays of the sun rise over the Golan Heights, painting the skies and waters with an array of beautiful colors.

During the months of autumn and winter when the cranes are present at Agamon Hula Lake, thousands of cranes that roost for the night in the lake exit the waters at first light, bestowing us an extremely exciting and vociferous experience.

At the end of the tour, our guests enjoy hot tea / coffee and cookies. What a way to start the day!

  • Duration of tour: one and a half to two hours. Available all year round, by reservation in advance only.
  • Please be equipped with very warm clothes (including wool hat and mittens), binoculars if available and camera.

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